All Good Dogs Go to Heaven. In Loving Memory of Jess...

This is quite possibly the most difficult post that I have written so far. I have wanted to share my own thoughts and feelings about Rainbow Bridge and what it is like to lose a beloved family pet regardless of the species. Last year I met Jess, a beautiful pupper, and got to walk her whilst I was volunteering as a bather and prepper in Saint Rocco Dog Grooming & Spa in Crosby, Liverpool. Jess was one of my boss Emma's three dogs. I had met her other dog Floss in 2019, after I had finished my OCN Level 3 Diploma. After going through a difficult period in my life, I returned to Emma's salon after lockdown restrictions had eased. However due to a chronic and debilitating illness, both mental and physical, I was wracked with pain down the left hand side of my body and I found it difficult to do the job that I loved most in the world and trained so hard to do. It was easier for me to leave than all the doggos picking up on all of our stresses that we endured all dog groomers. Jess sadly passed away a few weeks ago, and she is so missed by all that knew her. She helped me heal in ways that most people will never ever know.

I will leave this short and sweet, so run fast and long Jess, and don't ever. ever stop. One day, I look forward to seeing you again xxxxx

Photo Credit: Tobias Carlsson/Unsplash

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