Dog Grooming During Lockdown Part 3...

In light of recent lockdown restrictions imposed upon the UK in relation to Covid-19, no doubt many of you are now aware of the implications faced by your dog's stylist or grooming salon. On January 12th 2021, the Pet Industry Federation and DEFRA, confirmed in accordance with guidlelines that:

"Groomers may accept a dog to be groomed by appointment where this is necessary for the animal’s welfare and not simply for aesthetic reasons. Welfare reasons could include on veterinary advice for a skin condition or excessive matting causing the pet discomfort. When routine grooming can be delayed without affecting the pet’s welfare until the national lockdown is eased it should be put off"

So what exactly does this mean for you as an owner and for your dog groomer? If your dog has either of the above, in the first instance speak to your vet. Your dog groomer or stylist will only be able to book an appointment with a referral from your vet. If your groomer books an appointment without one, they will not be insured to carry out the groom, and as per Trading Standards, they can also risk a fine of up to £10,000.

Most dog grooming salons and stylists have updated their social media pages and business websites to reflect this. If you have concerns regarding the condition of your dog's coat, please speak to your stylist or salon. They may be able to recommend types of shampoo and conditioners in order for you to maintain a healthy, hygienic regime at home and offer advice on drying and brushing techniques. What they won't be able to do is advise how to clip or scissor, as this needs to be carried out by qualified and experienced professionals. Last year's lockdown resulted in some owners taking the art of clipping into their own hands, which needs to be avoided this time round.

I shall be posting again in the coming week, and this time I will be reviewing my favourite canine related show, Pooch Perfect UK - hosted by Sheridan Smith. Currently on BBC One on Thursdays at 8pm and all available episodes can be streamed via

And, I shall be sharing with you the joy that I have found in discovering the delightful shenanigans of Daisy, Casp, Bernie and Bruce - who have a massive following on TikTok @casp47 and TeamCasp47 on Facebook. They are also on Instagram. If you need a giggle to get you through the day, this is the place to find it. All I can say for now is 'Smoosh-Face'.

Take good care of you and I'll take good care of me x x x

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