Gundog Day at Crufts 2020...

Whilst it was only just over two weeks ago, Friday 6th March seems a lifetime ago. But, there we were, my partner and I, at Birmingham NEC for our first ever trip to Crufts. And we were not disappointed. We wandered around Halls 1-5, marvelling at the abundance of dogs and their owners, competing for their breed's Best in Group. And the dogs were so obedient, calm and collected! As was I. I managed to restrain myself from trying to steal cuddles from each and every pooch that passed me by.

We took our seats in the live arena towards late afternoon, and were there for the Agility and Flyball qualifying heats, Heelwork to Music, Gamekeeper's Competition Winners, Southern Golden Retriever Display, and the Gundog's Best in Group. Absolutely amazing to see the Irish Red Setter come first. The Judges were hand sanitising during each and every handshake, keeping things all above board. My partner took the photographs on the day, which were shared to our social media accounts.

I decided to treat myself to some Ancol dog grooming tools and equipment, with donations from the proceeds going towards Birmingham Dog's Home, and later on some Andis items from the Christie's Direct stall. My kit is getting there slowly but surely, in the hope that some months down the line that I will be able to set up my own dog grooming business. Top to Tail Clothing were also there with their fabulous bespoke PPE range. I saw some fabulous ideas for the future, in respect to purpose built grooming pods that come in a variety of different sizes, and can be fully kitted out in your desired colour schemes...and they were available on finance too. They also do vans and 'Portable Palaces'. For further details, please see their website at - and where you will also find their current status in respect to Covid-19.

And, not to dwell too much on the above, but for those who follow my website and are members of the dog grooming community; please see the following link which is from the Pet Industry Federation, and includes up to date information relating to these uncertain times Please also see this link if you are at all concerned about taking your beloved pet to your groomer, in the hope that it will reassure you. I will post further updates when they become available.

I feel extremely grateful that my partner and I were able to attend, but for those of you who didn't get the opportunity to go to Crufts this year, please see their YouTube channel, where they will no doubt have all the Agility and Flyball you can handle. In these extreme times of self-isolating, we need all the entertainment we can get. Please remember to keep a safe distance from others if you are out walking your dogs. If you are unable to get out and about, don't forget that you can exercise the majority of puppers within your own homes, gardens and yards if you have them. I'm sure plenty of you already know this, but for those of you who have recently got new puppies or adopted a dog, now is the time to subscribe to online magazines specifically themed around our four-legged friends. The magazines will be full of ideas to keep your pets physically and mentally healthy.

For now, take care of you and I'll take care of me xxx

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