I've Been Watching Pooch Perfect UK. Have You?

Despite their excellent presenters and contestants past and present, I'm not your average The Great British Bake Off or The Great British Sewing Bee viewer. However, when BBC One announced in December a new competitive show for the beginning of 2021, Pooch Perfect UK, I clapped my hands with glee. I mean what's not to love about dogs and the art of dog grooming? For those of you that haven't seen the show over the last seven weeks, all episodes so far are available to stream on BBC iPlayer and you can catch up here:


Presented by Sheridan Smith and her canine companion Stanley, and featuring celebrity judges and experts in their professional field, Colin Taylor and Verity Hardcastle, and vet Bolu Eso to oversee the welfare of the pooches on set. Over the course of four weeks, sixteen professional groomers competed to give breed makeovers and creative grooms on a variety of extremely well-behaved dogs in order to reach the quarter-finals. The semi-finals turned up the heat as groomers were given an additional challenge 'Dogology' - guessing the correct mix of cross-breeds according to coat type, and the physical appearance of the puppers. Whilst I am not one for giving out spoilers, all I can say is that I got my predictions right for next week's finalists.

In the past, I've not been an advocate of creative grooming, however, having seen how it is carried out, I give credit where it is due. Creative styling is performed in professional competions, and would not typically be done by your stylist or grooming salon. The show has made me realise just how much I've missed working alongside furry four-legged friends and I am looking forward to when I can get back into dog grooming once lockdown restrictions have eased, and after I've sat my Open University exams in June.

Take good care of you and I'll take good care of me xxx

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