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My top five recommended reads and resources for your dog grooming studies:

1. The Dog Groomer's Manual: A Definitive Guide to the Science, Practice and Art of Dog Grooming - Sue Gould MIfL, PGCE, LCGI (2016), The Crowood Press Ltd, Marlborough:

Sue Gould's book, was, pretty much, my go-to reference guide for all things dog grooming. The book is divided into three comprehensive parts - The Science of Dog Grooming, The Practice of Dog Grooming, and, The Art of Dog Grooming. The chapters within each section are easy to follow; informative and include everything that you will need to know to pass your theoretical and practical assessments. Gould also advises on business planning; equipment and tools that are needed to set up a dog grooming establishment; Health and Safety and COSHH, and other laws and legislations that are relevant to dog grooming.

2. Notes from the Grooming Table: An All-Breed Grooming Guide for the Professional Pet Stylist (Second Edition) - Melissa Verplank, CMG with illustrations by Lisa VanSweden (2016), White Dog Enterprises, Inc., Michigan:

This is a superb illustrative guide that you will use for your studies and beyond. It is split into two volumes. Volume One features The Basics; Bathing and Drying Directions per Coat Type; The Sporting Group; The Hound Group and The Working Group. Volume Two features The Terrier Group; The Toy Group; The Non-Sporting Group; The Herding Group; The Miscellaneous Group; and Classis Pet Poodles and Drop Coat Styles. This reference guide will be one to keep close to hand, especially when dealing with breed standard styling and grooms; and breeds that you haven't styled before.

3. Melissa Verplank's Theory of 5: Simplifying Grooming Concepts for Everyday Pets - Body, Head, Ears, Feet, Tail (Second Edition) - Melissa Verplank, with illustrations by Lisa VanSweden (2018), White Dog Enterprises, Inc., Jenison, MI:

This book is a condensed version of Notes from the Grooming Table; in which Verplank simplifies dog grooming even further. There are five chapters: Body, Head, Ears, Feet and Tail; Verplank giving step-by-step instructions on how to create the five most common pet styles within each group.

If, like me, you were or still are, a fan of Lego; the same principles can be applied when following the illustrative guides on clipping, blending, thinning and scissor work. So, dig deep into your muscle memory folks.

4. Dog Grooming For Dummies: The fun and easy way to keep your pooch neat, clean, and pretty - Margaret H. Bonham, Dog writer, trainer and groomer (2006), Wiley Publishing, Inc., Hoboken, NJ:

When you come to do your theory assignments and assessments, this book is perfect for dipping in and out of. Just head to the 'Table of Contents' to find the information that you need.

5. Grooming Manual for the Dog and Cat - Sue Dallas VN, Cert Ed, Diana North LCGI, Joanne Angus (2006), Blackwell Publishing, Oxford:

As part of my OCN Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming, my tutor gave me a PDF version of the manual above; and it was extremely helpful when completing the questions on Canine First Aid.

I hope that the above list helps you somewhat when you are looking for resources for your studies. I am fortunate to have a partner who supports me without question and encourages me in my new career; and my first two books were gifts from him. As a student with The Open University, I am also a stationery addict. My books are full of transparent page markers, so that I can go to a particular chapter quickly.

I love browsing in Waterstones, and if there's a particular book that you are looking for, their staff are there to see whether it's available to order into your local store. And, of, course, there's always Amazon.

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