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Oh my daisies. On 20 February 2022, I headed down to my local cinema to watch Dog, written by Reid Carolin and Brett Rodriguez, and directed by Reid Carolin and Channing Tatum. And I was not disappointed.

Tatum starring as Briggs, and introducing Lulu, a Belgian Malinois, who are former US Army Rangers. Briggs, suffering from PTSD, like most war veterans, and Lulu, who's handler, has recently passed away, suffering from separation anxiety, and grieving for her master. At the request of the family of Lulu's handler, Briggs is tasked with getting Lulu to the funeral on time. Lulu, is emotionally shut down after her experiences fighting in the Middle East. Touch her ears, and you'll soon know about it.

The bonding that occurs between Briggs and Lulu is incredible. Anyone who has fostered or adopted a rescue breed, will understand the adjustment period that takes place when a dog is taken out of its environment and placed into another. Lulu, is incredibly destructive, particularly around Briggs. She destroys his car seats, steals his water bottles, and her escape artist nature gets Briggs into a stack of trouble.

My favourite part of the movie, is where Briggs and Lulu check into a swanky hotel, and Briggs passes himself off as a war veteran who is visually impaired, just to give Lulu the luxurious bed that she has been craving. I loved this scene, as it highlights how the general public perceive physical and unseen disabilities, such as PTSD. Overall, the film brings to the forefront men's mental health, army veteran or not, and the importance of taking it seriously. My other favourite scene is where Briggs stays up with Lulu during a thunderstorm in an abandoned barn, watching DVDs of Grey's Anatomy.

Did my bottom lip wobble? Yes, it seriously did. Once you have worked with dogs, and whatever film you watch with a dog in it, you just don't want the dog to get hurt or injured.

So, if you haven't seen Dog, and you want to be moved and uplifted at the same time, then, yep, go and see it. You can watch the trailer on YouTube here:

Take good care of you and I'll take good care of me xxx

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