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Earlier on in the year, whilst taking a break from my philosophy studies with the Open University, I stumbled across a BuzzFeed showreel via the Facebook group, Border Collies Rock. It was a compilation of videos from TikTok of a talking Border Collie called Casper, and his loyal sidekick, Daisy. Not forgetting Casper's favourite friend, Simon, the pink-haired unicorn. As a dog groomer, I was instantly hooked. I mean, what's not to love about talking dogs? Not knowing anything about TikTok, I soon found myself creating an account just so that I could follow Casp and Daisy's daily shenannigans, also featuring Bernie, who just likes to 'Bish, bish, bish' everyone and Bruce the cat, who lives next door. I found myself tuning in daily to catch up with all of the videos broadcast since the creation of #teamcasp47 in August 2020.

Creator Ryan Dykta launched their TikTok account to combat the negativity that is constantly found on social media, and also, to do something productive and positive during lockdown and Covid-19 restrictions. #teamcasp47 has gone from strength to strength over the course of the last year. They have appeared in various regional newspapers, a national newspaper, and have been interviewed on Sky News. Casper, Daisy, Bernie and Bruce can be followed on Instagram, Facebook, Clapper and YouTube. They have one million followers on TikTok - and thoroughly deserved too! Ryan regularly speaks out on mental health, as does Caspy and they are a force to be reckoned with, and they do not tolerate online haters of any description.

My overall favourite appearances of Casp and Co is the four-part murder mystery. No spoilers if you haven't seen it, it will be there in the archive of videos on TikTok. I also love it when Casper and Daisy dress up. Daisy, is a few years older than Casp, and in the sibling relationship, often has the upper hand. Ryan has described Casp as highly intelligent, but has completely subverted this for their videos, and I think this is why the format and concept works so well. Casp, is more gullible than naive, and often falls for Daisy's sassy wind-ups. But is that not how brothers and sisters are in real life? Bernie, is Ryan's Mum's dog, and I love his Irish accent. Bruce, is rather aloof, and considers his neighbours to be 'peasants'. Every now and then, we have Lil' Sister, which is Ryan's young daughter Dylan.

When I completed my A222 Exploring philosophy module, I decided to treat myself to some merch from their online store and I wasn't disappointed. I have the 'I NEED CAFFEINE!' mug featuring Daisy wearing a pink coat, a tote bag with Casper on it and all of his favourite sayings, a hot and cold water bottle with Bernie on with his catchphrase 'What Ya Looking At?! Ya Tufty Whump'. All of these can be purchased from the link which can be found on their TikTok page @casp47. When clicking on the link, you can also follow their other social media accounts, and even request a personalised Cameo video.

And the social media sensations have appeared in their first children's book - Casper and Daisy's Big Day at the Park: A Tale of kindness and friendship - and it really is. Beautifully written and with colourful illustrations by Julia Searl, the book tells the story of how Casper and Daisy find their voices via the help of a big, bouncy, rubber ball that seems to have magical powers. The tale itself reminds me of being a child at my primary school. I was a clumsy child, and I would trip or fall over at the drop of the hat, so I can relate to Casper's mishap in his local park. I'm coming up to my forty-third birthday next month, and I pre-ordered this book from Amazon especially for me, and I have read it several times over. I am looking forward to reading it to my great nephew when I am roped in for babysitting duties.

The book is published by Dorling Kindersley Limited. If you are ordering in the UK, you can purchase the book at - and here you can also see the illustrations of the book. I would love to share my own photo of the book, however, any reproduced images would be subject to copyright by Dorling Kindersley Limited. If ordering on Amazon outside of the UK, and you have the Amazon app on your smartphone, you can get it shipped directly to your home address. There is also a button you can click on to order the book via .

So, I would like to say a big massive thank you to Ryan and #teamcasp47

for entertaining us and putting smiles on our faces and making us laugh during what has been an extremely difficult year for everyone globally. And in the words of Ryan and Casp and Co., 'Be Kind' - that's all you've got to do.

Take good care of you and I'll take good care of me xxx

Photo Credit: Unsplash.

NB: This is not Casper himself.

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