Twenty-Twenty. What a Year...

Updated: Feb 2

A quick update as to how I've been getting on during lockdown and tier 3 and 2 restrictions. Towards the end of August, I returned voluntarily to a dog grooming in a salon I'd previously volunteered in as a bather/dryer/prepper and had the pleasure of working with so many doggos and puppers. As I had been out of action for so long, I'd forgotten just how much a physical job dog grooming actually is and at the end of my shift, it was taking a toll on my body. And this was just one day out of seven. I also felt that despite my dog grooming qualifications and prior experience, I was starting again from scratch. To the point where I've questioned my skills and abilities time and again. So, in October, I left the salon to concentrate on my Open University studies, which coincided the very same month. And yes, this year's module is indeed Philosophy. I've submitted two assignments so far, and passed them both. Another four to go and then the exam next June. Eek!

Lockdown and Covid-19 restrictions have been tremendously hard on businesses big and small, and it's a wonder that most dog grooming salons have been able to continue to trade in such difficult times. I've even considered at some point next year to do a refresher course if I can at my local college, and get my skills up. An alternative career may be as a doggy day care assistant, however, I need to be physically fit for that as well.

As I haven't been out of the house that much, I have been turning too much to the TV for escapism, binge-watching my way through box-sets. And one in particular, is the fabulous '12 Puppies and Us' broadcast on BBC Two and available on iPlayer at - which follows twelve different puppies and their families during lock-down. Essential viewing, if, you are like me, and considering getting a dog as a life-long companion, and not just for the lock-down period. I love dog behaviourist Louise Glazebrook's down-to-earth approach and her helpful training hints and tips. I've just finished watching episode 4, and looking forward to the rest in the series.

Writing this blog has been a pleasure over the last twelve months. I know, I can hardly believe it either where the time has gone. There are still some things that are still under way on the blog, for example, I'm still to do a post regarding equipment - to which I have quite a lot of my own now. Not a complete salon's worth, but enough to get me started. And, it's my plan during the next few weeks to sort out GDPR whilst I'm on my Christmas break from the Open University. However, the goal I had to post 'How-To' videos didn't really take off at all. And there are some posts that I need to do to get the member's forum up and running.

Anyway, wherever you are in the world, I thank you for taking the time to read and view my posts. I wish you nothing but good health between now and throughout 2021, because it's priceless. Take good care of you, and I'll take good care of me xxx

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